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    Opportunities for Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors

    Opportunity is now closed.


    Welcome to our new and improved volunteer registration system! As a first step, you will be asked to register an account with Kindness Connect, our new service provider. A few hints as you register:

    1. Make sure you make a note of your PASSWORD! This will allow you many useful ways to manage your shifts later.
    2. FIRST scroll down to read about our jobs and decide what you would like to do. The calendar will tell you what shifts are available. Notice that when you apply you can FILTER by the roles that most interest you to make registering easier.
    3. JULY 1 is our busiest day! We encourage you to make a special effort to volunteer on this day.
    4. EVENINGS are generally our busiest times and also the times it is most difficult to get volunteers. We encourage all members to try to volunteer at least a few evenings.
    5. When signing up, don't forget to move the calendar forward to July!

    Additional Documents

    Opportunity Roles


    If you are flexible and willing to help out wherever we most need you, sign up for shifts using this option!

    Event Support

    We need drivers to help in STORES - where we store, maintain inventory and ensure delivery of drinks, ice and propane throughout the grounds. We also need volunteers to work in PARKING as well as help with TRAFFIC CONTROL. This is a great place to provide mentoring and leadership to the youth volunteers involved in the event. This year Rotarians will also be acting as AMBASSADORS, assisting people who might need our help as well as performing a 'monitoring function' that will ensure we provide a safe and successful experience for everyone.

    Beer Tent Staff - Must be 19 years of age

    We need Rotarians and Rotaractors to sell and serve beer in the Beer Tents and the Satellites. We will also have check in centers where we will check patron's ID and issue ID bracelets. SMART SERVE Certification is required. The Club will provide training. For information contact Liz Read at

    Volunteer Support

    The Volunteer Center is the hub for all volunteer activities. We are encouraging more Rotarians to help us welcome our many volunteers. You will help with registration, the issuing of tshirts and food coupons, and the checking of Smart Serve ID for those working in the Beer Tents. When the rush if over the center staff will ensure volunteers on site have supplies, or rotate in to help with shift changes or any vacancies. This is a great way to meet people and to learn about all aspects of this great event!

    Pop and Water Tent Cashier

    Pop and water are sold separate from the Beer Tents. These are staffed by youth volunteers who do most of the stocking and selling but the cash box needs to be managed by known adults. This is a great location for families as long as one adults remains in the booth.

    Rotary Kiosk

    Rotarians host Toronto Ribfest and it is important that we put on display Rotary and the good work it does! The Rotary Kiosk will be located near one of the entrances and will be a place where we will share information about the great work we do in our club as well as meet the public and answer questions. This is a great learning opportunity for new members, and a great chance for all members to remind themselves why they are proud to be a Rotarian!

    Green Team

    Toronto Ribfest is committed to being Greener and our goal is to divert 85% of the festival's waste away from landfills. Working in teams, volunteers will sort and ensure that resources are diverted appropriately and also make sure the eating areas and the site are neat and clean. Sign up and model responsible citizenship! With adult supervision, children ages 8 and up may be able to handle this volunteer position!

    VIP Tent

    The VIP Tent is a fundraising initiative where patrons pay to be pampered. Luxuries include eating in attractive, shaded, restaurant like surroundings and executive washrooms. Youth volunteers will also act as 'runners' to get patrons food and Bier Markt staff are volunteering their time to staff the bar. We need Rotarians to host the tent, taking tickets, managing turn over and generally making sure all is going well. SMART SERVE is required.

    Support to Special Attractions

    Ribfest hosts a range of special attractions including Kidz Zone, Celebrity Food Judging, a demonstration BBQ stage and Canada Day events. While youth volunteers support many of these events, Rotarians and Rotaractors are needed to take LEAD on these events. This is a great way to take a leadership role in our major fundraiser and to promote Rotary.

    Finance Office - Cashiers and Runners

    We need members to work in the Finance office, collecting and sorting money and keeping the accounts as well as Runners to collect money from the Beer and Pop Tents and bring it to the cash office.

    Volunteer Requirements

    uploadYou'll need to pass checklist

    1. I understand that when choosing shifts, I can use the filter option on the calendar to chose the roles I am most interested in . This will make signing up easier.
    2. If I am Smart Serve Certified, I will bring proof of certification with me.
    3. If I am under 24 and am Smart Serve certified I will ensure that I have proof of age.
    4. I will sign in at the Volunteer Center when I arrive.
    256 Centennial Park Road, M9C 5N3
    Etobicoke, Ontario
    Liz Read, Volunteer Coordinator Toronto Ribfest

    Skills & Perks

    Perks Included

    • Food Provided
    • Outdoors
    • Free Admission