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    Opportunities for Toronto Ribfest Volunteers

    Opportunity is now closed.



    Should you wish to apply, first to take a few minutes to register with our service provider, Kindness Connect. Some hints:

    1. Don't forget your PASSWORD. It gives you lots of options to manage your shifts.
    2. Sign up ONLY for the times you plan to come. Once you have signed up, remember that we are counting on you, so don't let us down!
    3. FIRST scroll down to read about our jobs and decide what you would like to do. There are 3 shifts a day for most jobs, with the last shift starting at 7 p.m. The calendar will tell you what shifts are available. When you apply notice that you can FILTER by the roles that most interest you to make it easier.
    4. Sign up for 2 SHIFTS A DAY and you will get a coupon for free FOOD from one of our vendors. If you sign up for 2 or more shifts in a day, please sign up for the SAME JOB..
    5. To work with your FRIENDS, make sure you all sign up for the SAME jobs, on the SAME days, at the SAME time.
    6. We need lots of volunteers on CANADA DAY. Bonus for the late shift: Fireworks!
    7. If you work the LATE SHIFT we can arrange company to your pick up point or bus stop if you wish.

    Additional Documents

    Opportunity Roles

    Set Up and Tear Down

    We need lots of help setting up the park for Ribfest and when Ribfest is over, we have only one day to return the park to its original state! We need lots of hands to help! This is a great job to do with friends.

    Logistic Support - Stores Warehouse - Must be 15 or older

    We need volunteers to help in STORES - where we store, maintain inventory, load and deliver drinks, ice and propane throughout the grounds. This is the most important volunteer role on the site and we encourage development of a team. Sign up for the same shift[s] cross the four days and learn how the operation works.

    Logistic Support - Parking and Traffic Ambassadors

    We need volunteers to help direct traffic in the PARKING LOT and to work at the entrances helping with TRAFFIC CONTROL. The Parking Lot is a great place to work with friends as a team. We encourage volunteers to come for the same shift over the four days so that they get a team work experience.

    Green Team

    We want to be the cleanest and greenest Festival site in the city! Working in teams, volunteers will sort and ensure that resources are diverted properly as well as keep our eating areas neat and clean.

    Pop Tent and Support to Ticket Sales

    We sell all the pop and water on site. Tickets will be sold separately. If you enjoy interacting with the public and keeping busy, this job is for you!

    Support to Entertainment and Special Attractions

    Ribfest offers a variety of special attractions: VIP Lounge, Celebrity Food Judging and Canada Day Events to name a few and we need volunteers to help support these events. If you're energetic and enjoy variety this role is for you.

    Volunteer Support

    The Volunteer Center is the hub for all volunteer activities. Help with registration, rotate in to help with shift changes, or help with feeding volunteers. You'll be a great fit for this role if you enjoy people and have good organizational skills.

    Volunteer Requirements

    uploadYou'll need to pass checklist

    1. I am aware that this event is being held in West Etobicoke, not Scarborough.
    2. When choosing my shifts, I will keep in mind that I can filter by the roles that most interested me to make registering easier.
    3. I will print off the Waiver form, have it signed and bring it with meto Ribfest. I understand that I will not be allowed to volunteer without this.
    4. I have read the two attached information sheets.
    256 Centennial Park Road, M9C 5N3
    Etobicoke, Ontario
    Liz Read

    Skills & Perks

    Skills Desired

    • General Labour
    • Advice and Support
    • Arts, Entertainment, Music, Design
    • Event Co-ordination
    • Marketing and Communications

    Perks Included

    • Food Provided
    • Outdoors
    • Free Admission