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    Area Captain

    • Date
      July 25, 2016   -   September 30, 2017
    • Hosted By
    Opportunity is now closed.


    Area Captains at Open Streets TO report directly to a Sector Leader who is overseen by the Volunteer Director.

    • Area Captains are responsible for patrolling their designated "area" (Approx 1km of Open Streets route) on (their own) bikes, helping to ensure the program is functioning well (checking in with volunteers to ensure they are comfortable, secure, performing well in their roles. This may require standing in for a position while a volunteer takes a bathroom break or giving out more snacks and water to volunteers).
    • Area Captains will report directly to their Sector Leader every half hour with updates, and will act as the liaison between volunteers and Sector Leaders.
    • Area Captains will participate in a conference call with their Sector Leader and the Volunteer Director prior to each Open Streets TO program date in 2017.
    • Area Captains will be empowered to change volunteer assignments as the need arises.
    • Area Captains will support volunteers in their role of assisting participants and directing vehicles away from the hard closes.
    • Area Captains will help ensure Open Streets TO signage and barricades are properly maintained throughout the event.
    • Area Captains will be responsible for reporting any minor health issues and accidents to Sector Leaders. There will be EMS on bikes throughout the course accessible to your Sector Leader to assist with minor health issues.
    • Area Captains will report any fires, crimes, or major health issues and accidents first to 911, then to the Sector Leader. Area Captains will be empowered to use their judgment on when to call 911, and when to call their Sector Leader.

    Preference will be given to individuals that can demonstrate previous volunteer management experience.

    Additional Documents

    Volunteer Requirements

    uploadYou'll need to pass checklist

    1. Are you over the age of 18?
    2. Have you volunteered at Open Streets TO before?
    3. Are you available on August 20 and September 17 from 7am to 3pm?
    4. And will you be available for a training session on August 17 from 7-8pm?

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    1. Your Resume
    2. Please share a recent CV/resume

    Virtual - No Location

    This opportunity doesn’t have a set location
    Alyssa Bird

    Skills & Perks

    Skills Desired

    • General Labour
    • Administrative
    • Advice and Support
    • Event Co-ordination
    • Sports and Recreation
    • Teaching, Training, Mentoring
    • Youth Work

    Perks Included

    • Food Provided
    • Outdoors
    • Volunteer From Home
    • Swag