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    Board of Director, Multiple Births Canada

    Opportunity is now closed.


    Note: If you are interested in applying you will be required to register with Kindness Connect to fill out an online application. This process is quite simple and allows MBC to track all applications and information for our volunteers in one location. For any questions you cannot answer please put in N/A or another phrase to allow you to continue through the application.

    If you have any challenges please contact Kimberley Weatherall at



    Parents of Multiple Births Association Canada (POMBA), was a national nonprofit organization starting in 1978, becoming Multiple Births Canada (MBC) in 2001 and a registered charity in July 2012. Our mission is to "improve the quality of life for multiple-birth individuals and their families in Canada". Being born a twin or higher order multiple, or giving birth to multiples, carries a number of health and psycho-social risks, which can be alleviated through early intervention and appropriate education.

    MBC's primary objective is to promote the health of twins, triplets and other multiple-birth individuals and their families. This is accomplished by developing and providing educational resources and programs for multiple-birth individuals, their families, local organizations (Chapters), health providers and organizations in Canada.

    Multiple Births Canada and its Board of Directors is seeking new Board members who are eager to contribute to improving the lives of multiple-birth individuals and their families.

    The Board of Directors is the legal authority for Multiple Births Canada a registered charity in Canada (895390110 RR0001). As a member of the Board, a Director acts in a position of trust for the organization, multiple-birth community at large, and is responsible for the effective governance of the organization.


    A Director is elected annually to the Board at the Annual General Meeting to serve a two-year term.


    For the 2015-2016 recruitment year, the Board is particularly looking for individuals with a background in fundraising/fund development, finance and grant writing. Experience in business, volunteer management, communications and marketing are also strong assets. However, all those interested in volunteering at the Board level are encouraged to apply.

    * Knowledge and skills in one or more of the following: Board governance, policy, finance, programs, fund development, fundraising, grant writing, or other skills required to oversee a national registered charity.
    * Attendance at monthly meetings and Work Sessions (online through Skype / conference calls).
    * A time commitment of 10-15 hours a month including Board preparation, meetings, committee meetings, and email interaction / discussion.
    * Must serve on at least one Committee.
    * Attendance at the Annual General Meeting (in September / October).
    * Be informed of the services and programs provided by Multiple Births Canada and publicly support them.
    * Foster a positive working relationship with other Board Members, Staff, Volunteers, Chapter Executives and MBC Members.
    * Be aware and abstain from any conflict of interest.
    * Have access to email, Skype and willingness to learn new web-based programs as required.

    Prior Board experience and/or experience volunteering with an MBC Affiliate is an asset, but what MBC needs most are individuals who are motivated to be involved with, and contribute to an organization with a strong past and an exciting future!


    * Establish overall long and short term goals, objectives and priorities for Multiple Births Canada in meeting the needs of the community.
    * Stay informed about committee matters, prepares for meetings, submits monthly reports, reviews and comments on minutes and reports.
    * Recruit and Chair (or participate in) a Committee.
    * Report activities of the Committee to the Board.
    * Participate in the development and review of policies of the corporation.
    * Participate in an annual evaluation.
    * Act as a resource to other Committees.
    * Contribute to the organization's fundraising or fund development efforts.
    * Adhere to general duties of a Board Member as described in the bylaws and policies.
    * Additional duties as agreed in support of Multiple Births Canada.

    For more information please contact the MBC Chair Heather McAuley at or Kimberley Weatherall, Executive Director at

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    Kimberley Weatherall, Executive Director
    (613) 834-8946

    Skills & Perks

    Skills Desired

    • Administrative
    • Advice and Support
    • Board Member and Committee
    • Campaigning and Fundraising
    • Event Co-ordination
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Marketing and Communications
    • Teaching, Training, Mentoring

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    • Volunteer From Home