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    Here's how it works now.

    Organizations are using Kindness Connect as a volunteer management platform. They can upload their current volunteers or recruit using their networks.
    These organizations can get their volunteers involved by either inviting them to sign up or assigning them to opportunities.
    If you are invited or assigned to an opportunity, you will be notified through email. Use the instructions in these emails to get started.

    Our marketplace is coming soon...

    1. Find Your Match

    Find a volunteer opportunity based on your interests, skills, dates, or what's going on around you.

    2. Fit Your Schedule

    Enjoy the wonderful freedom of selecting which days you want to volunteer.

    3. Apply Instantly

    Simply hit "apply" and you're on your way. You'll never have to enter the same information over and over again.

    4. Be Awesome

    Make an impact, build your network, and feel great knowing that you made a difference.

    Full of great features.

    Opportunity Assistant

    Set it and forget it. Select your preferences and we'll automatically notify you of matching opportunities.


    Find opportunities with barrier removing perks like carpooling and virtual volunteering.

    Experience Tracking

    Keep track of your volunteer achievements, hours, and organizations. Perfect for building your resume.

    Volunteer Profile

    The end of duplicated information. Complete your profile once and reuse it for any opportunity application.

    Calendar & Reminders

    Automatically sync with your personal calendar and receive reminders for your volunteering activity.


    Integrated social sharing allows you to let your networks know about the great work you've been doing.

    Stay tuned! Sign up and be the first to know
    when our volunteer marketplace is released.

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