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    End-To-End Volunteer Management.

    My Volunteers

    • Organize your volunteers into groups to intuitively track, message, and invite.
    • Stay up-to-date: new volunteer applicants are automatically added to your records.
    • Our advanced search allows you find exactly what and who you're looking for.

    Custom Applications

    • Easily adapt the application process to the needs of each volunteer opportunity.
    • Collect whatever information you need: documents, questionnaires, and more.
    • Kindness Connect makes it easy to review, sort, and get volunteers in the door.

    Simple Scheduling

    • Convenient roles, shifts, and capacities keep your schedule organized.
    • Assign directly or allow volunteers to request shifts at the click of a button.
    • Automated notifications keep you and your volunteers informed.

    Advanced Analytics

    • Automatically track and display important information to improve your volunteer program.
    • Filter by custom date ranges at a volunteer, opportunity, and organization level.
    • Easily report on your volunteer program with validated data and information.

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    Premium Features

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    • Volunteer Records
    • Organization Profile
    • Opportunity Creation Wizard
    • Volunteer Recruiting
    • Custom Application Process
    • Simple Scheduling
    • Analytics & Reporting
    • Communications & Notifications

    Volunteer Records

    • Every volunteer profile comes standard with basic information most organizations need such as contact details, interests, skills, and languages spoken.
    • Customize any additional information you need in a volunteer profile. Our simple form builder lets you create custom fields such as text, paragraph, multiple choice, or checkboxes.
    • Use our wizard to easily import a spreadsheet and bulk-add existing volunteers.
    • New volunteers can be inputted manually or are automatically added when a new volunteer applies to one of your opportunities.
    • Volunteer applicants complete their own profile so you don't have to.
    • Volunteer entered data can be overridden with hidden responses when necessary.
    • All profile information is searchable so you can find exactly what and who you are looking for.
    • Organize your volunteers into groups for messaging, analytics, and scheduling.
    • Volunteer hours and activity are automatically tracked from opportunities
    • Additional or unique hours can be manually entered.
    • Easily view a volunteer's history including applications, opportunities, schedule, roles, hours, and feedback.
    • Create private notes and attach documents for each volunteer profile.
    • Export volunteer profile information into spreadsheets at any time.

    Organization Profile

    • Easily communicate the important information about your organization.
    • Your profile automatically links to your active and public volunteer opportunities.
    • Visual map displays your location and volunteers can click to easily get directions to your location.
    • Link to your social media accounts.
    • Volunteers can share your organization's profile with their social networks at the click of a button.
    • Share the appreciation feedback received from verified volunteers to help attract new ones.
    • Set unique custom URL to improve search engine visibility and general usability.
    • Volunteers can subscribe to receive automatic notifications each time you create a public volunteer opportunity.

    Opportunity Creation Wizard

    • Create public opportunities to recruit new volunteers or private opportunities for more control over who can view them.
    • Create date-specific opportunities with set schedules or volunteer programs for flexible or long-term scheduling.
    • Support for virtual volunteering
    • Opportunities can have multiple volunteer roles.
    • Each volunteer role can have multiple shifts.
    • Each volunteer shift can have a set capacity.
    • Schedule shifts individually or as a batch with our simple calendar creator.
    • Set unique contacts for each of your opportunities.
    • Upload and share your relevant documents such as directions, waivers, advertisements, and more.
    • Request specific skills for your opportunities.
    • Advertise optional perks to include with your opportunities to better attract volunteers.
    • Set unique custom URL to improve search engine visibility and general usability.

    Volunteer Recruiting

    • Social sharing allows you to post opportunities to your social networks at the click of a button.
    • Use your unique hyperlink to post opportunities on your website, in a newsletter, through email, or any other venue.
    • Use the Kindness Connect API to automatically display your current volunteer opportunities on your website.
    • Click to share opportunities with your custom volunteer groups and they'll automatically be notified and invited to apply.
    • Volunteers can also easily share your public opportunities with their personal social networks.
    • Easily look through applicant profile, interests, skills, and capabilities to find the best matches for your opportunities.
    • Public opportunities are automatically displayed on your unique organization profile page.
    • Private opportunities are only visible to those you wish to share with.

    Custom Application Process

    • Customize the application requirements for each of your volunteer opportunities.
    • New volunteers will first be required to complete their profile.
    • Include additional opportunity specific checklists, multiple choice responses, or short answer questions.
    • Request resume, police reference check/consent to disclosure form, signed waivers, or other documents which can easily be uploaded by volunteers during the application.
    • Our application wizard is easy for volunteers to complete. It automatically guides them through your custom applications step-by-step.
    • If a volunteer has already filled out the pertinent information in a previous opportunity, they won't need to input information a second time.
    • You are notified by email when volunteers apply for an opportunity or a shift.
    • Our opportunity management page makes it easy to sort through your volunteer applicants.
    • Accept or decline applicants at an overall application level or for each individual shift.
    • Application controls allow you to specify which volunteer groups can bypass certain sections of the application process.

    Simple Scheduling

    • View monthly and daily calendar schedules for each of your opportunities.
    • Schedule information is simple to navigate and automatically sorted by role, shift, and status.
    • Volunteer shift responses and capacities are updated automatically without requiring manual calculations.
    • Assign and edit volunteers and they'll be notified and prompted to respond.
    • New applicants are automatically displayed under requested shifts and can be accepted directly from the schedule.
    • Load a volunteer's profile and application directly from the schedule when necessary.
    • View each volunteer's individual schedule.
    • Filter opportunity schedules by role.
    • Print or export opportunity schedules.
    • Message attendees directly from a schedule.
    • Retain scheduling control for past dates to ensure your information is accurate.

    Analytics and Reporting

    • Hours are automatically tracked at an individual, group, opportunity, and organization level.
    • Complete control over editing of volunteer activity and hours.
    • Ability to filter by custom date range.
    • Overview analytics provide a holistic view of your entire program including activity, application, and reach analysis.
    • Opportunity analytics provide a detailed report for each of your volunteer opportunities.
    • Volunteer analytics provide information on volunteers and the custom groups you've created.
    • Insight analytics provide complex analysis to help better organize your volunteer program.
    • Communication analytics provide email trends and a 14-day history of all your outgoing email sent through Kindness Connect.
    • Volunteers can view their personal hours and activity.
    • Analytics are automatically consolidated into a clean view for easy consumption.

    Communication & Notifications

    • Integrated messaging sends emails directly to individuals, groups, or scheduled volunteers.
    • Automatic notifications inform your volunteers of opportunity invitations, schedule assignments, shift updates, and more.
    • Automatic notifications inform you of volunteer applications, assignment responses, shift requests, new messages, and more.
    • Control the frequency of your notifications (real-time, daily, or weekly).
    • Easily provide and receive meaningful feedback to keep your volunteers engaged.
    • Send mail "From: via Kindness Connect" or directly from your own SMTP mail server.
    • View a 14-day history and status of all your outgoing email communications sent manually or automatically through Kindness Connect.

    We make everything easy.

    Completely Web-Based

    Kindness Connect is accessible on any computer, there is no installation required, and data is backed-up automatically.

    Helpful Support

    Quick start, user guides, and frequently asked questions help you instantly get the information you need.

    Trusted Security

    Kindness Connect utilizes industry best practices to ensure all of your data and information is properly secured.

    All of the software tools you need to run your volunteer program better.

    Accessible pricing for any organization.

    Kindness Connect premium volunteer management is accessible with annual
    fee based on the size of your volunteer program.
    <100 volunteers
    100-500 volunteers
    >500 volunteers
    Contact us about group options.

    Trusted by community organizations everywhere.

    "Like most non-profits, our resources - time, funding, and human capacity - are finite. Tools like Kindness Connect help us be efficient and effective stewards of those resources, keeping the focus on our mission instead of administration."
    Salvation Army
    Salvation Army
    Vancouver Harbour Light
    "I had been researching volunteer management tools for many months when a colleague suggested Kindness Connect. I was impressed how comprehensive and user-friendly the system was. [...] I am so pleased to have found Kindness Connect and look forward to using this system for many years to come!"
    Breast Cancer Society of Canada
    Breast Cancer Society
    of Canada
    "Kindness Connect has been a huge asset to the growth and management of PrideHouseTO's volunteers. From creating new opportunities, scheduling volunteers, recruiting new volunteers, to communicating with our volunteer base, Kindness Connect offers a user-friendly system that keeps all of these tasks 'under one roof'."
    Pride House Toronto
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