Kindness Connect is shutting down March 31, 2020

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    Our Story

    Kindness Connect was founded in 2012 by a team of avid volunteers. Our goal was straightforward: we wanted to make the volunteer process easier.
    We began from the perspective of volunteers. Despite the desire to get involved, a majority of individuals encounter barriers that prevent them from volunteering. Barriers like scheduling restrictions, inability to make long-term commitments, and not knowing how to get involved were stopping interested individuals from engaging with community organizations. What if we could unlock this missed goodwill potential?
    The next step was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the gatekeepers to the volunteer ecosystem: community organizations. We met with hundreds of community organizations of varying sizes and scopes and what we found was unanimous. There was an overwhelming desire for improvement and change. A lack of technological support was leading to resource drain, missed opportunities, and inaccurate metrics.
    It soon became clear that improving the volunteer process begins by providing these organizations with robust technological support. Making things easier for community organizations means making things easier for volunteers, and vice versa.
    At Kindness Connect, we're working to support the individuals and community organizations that make our world a better place. We hope you'll join our growing community.

    We Believe In


    Kindness Connect wasn't just built for you, it was built with you. Our growing community will always be our number one priority and greatest source of inspiration.


    Technology has the power to break down barriers, connect us, and drive social good. We will continue to leverage technology to advance a truly admirable sector.


    Our goal is to empower as many organizations doing good as possible. That's why our tools are Pay-What-You-Can for all organizations.


    The world is full of people looking to do good. If we can help unlock some of that potential, then we'd call that a success.

    Are you interested in Kindness Connect?
    Contact us. We'd love to hear from you.